2014 March Primary

North Texas Asian Democrats (NTAD) endorses all uncontested democratic candidates and the following candidates in the March 2014 Primary Election:


Eddie Bernice Johnson                   United States Representative, District 30

Marc Veasey                                   United States Representative, District 33

Wendy Davis                                   Governor

Susan Motley                                  States Representative, District 105

Bonnie Lee Goldstein                      District Judge, 44th Judicial District Court

Marty Lowy                                      District Judge, 101st Judicial District Court

Lena Levario                                    District Judge, 204th Judicial District Court

Lori Chrisman Hockett                     District Judge, 255th Judicial District Court

Andy Chatham                                 District Judge, 282nd Judicial District Court

Susan Anderson                              District Judge, 291st Judicial District Court

Tracy Holmes                                  District Judge, 363rd Judicial District Court

William A. "Bill" Mazur                     Family District Judge, 304tth Judicial District Court

Nancy Mulder                                  Judge, County Criminal Court No. 4

Trey Bunch                                      Judge, County Criminal Court No. 5

Tina Yoo Clinton                              Judge, County Criminal Court No. 8

Rob Canas                                      Judge, County Criminal Court No. 10

Chris Wilmoth                                 Judge, County Probate Court No. 2 

Michael E Miller                              Judge, County Probate Court No. 3

Felicia Pitre                                     Dallas County District Clerk

David Bradley                                 Dallas County Treasurer

Katy Hubener                                 Justice of the Peace Court, Precinct 4, Place 2

Melissa J. Bellan                            Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, Place 1

Darlene Ewing                               County Chairman

North Texas Asian Democrats Admin,
Mar 3, 2019, 10:24 AM